Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bye Bye Cats

The visiting cats are leaving tomorrow - going to their grandmother's home for a while. I will miss their sweet presence and seeing them curled up together in sleep. I will NOT miss cleaning out litter pans or cleaning up vomit. There is always two sides to everything.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cats Rule

After breakfast I went into the bedroom to make my bed and visiting cat Mr. Elliot was peacefully sleeping on the pillow, so of course the bed is now only partially made. Then I thought I would sit in my favorite chair and read for a while. Hmmmm. Visiting cat Mr. Rudi was curled up and snoring as he took his morning snooze. Cats, even visiting cats, seem to rule in this house.
No pictures of quilting projects to show as the projects I am doing are a secret. However, I will give a sneak peak at some pillow cases made from old Christmas fabric. Is this a hint? More will be revealed some time in May.

Today I am grateful for.....
1. Anticipation - my cousin is coming this week for a visit. We always have a great time together!
2. This cool weather we are having. Everyone else is looking forward to warm summer weather, but I prefer the cooler temperatures where sweaters are appropriate wearing apparel.
2. A good read.......there is nothing like a good book. Just finished reading Dewey. What a delightful book.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Round Robin Progress

My friend Lindsay and I are doing two Round Robin quilts. This is the center that she started and some fabric that I was auditioning to do the first round of triangles. It was a challenge doing the math to make everything fit, but I am happy with the results.
Today I am grateful for -
1. A nice bowl of chili - it was cold and rainy here today.
2. Uninterrupted sewing time.
3. Good memories of a Happy Easter

Monday, April 6, 2009

For the first time this year I have purchased fabric. My package from Fat Quarter World arrived today all beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and bundled with a lovely green ribbon. I purchased more of my Quilt Along focus fabric for the binding and some backing fabric so that I would not have to piece a backing. The backing fabric is light green and looks like a rich damask. Today I am grateful for -
1. Packages arriving at my door.
2. Peaceful time sewing binding.

This and That

No stash report from this past week. Yes, I am keeping track, but I think I will report my activity on a monthly basis. I doubt that anyone really cares anyway. I finished the Quilt-Along quilt which I can report as "fabric used", but (confession time) I ordered backing fabric and binding fabric which hasn't arrived yet so I will report the whole thing later on this month.
Saturday there were loud noises out my front door. The Public Works Department was trimming the trees on my block. My beautiful old maple tree was getting trimmed for the upcoming warmer weather. And speaking of warmer weather - this is what greeted me outside my front door this morning. It is cold, there is snow on the ground, and it is April 6th. What is wrong with this picture?
Today I am grateful for -
1. My cozy, warm home.
2. Lovely hazelnut coffee to sip
3. The local newspaper with my daily Sudoku puzzle to do.
4. Being retired and NOT having to go to work on a cold Monday morning.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Exchange Blocks

Our Bee is exchanging these blocks each month. One gal is doing all of hers in red, white and blue, and another gal is making sure the light strips go one way and the dark strips another. I am the lazy one in the group and deicded that I would do mine completely random. Although we have many more months of exchanging to do, I put some of my exchanged blocks together today and am very happy with the scrappy look.

A big box arrived from Country Threads (Garner, Iowa) with three of my quilts all quilted and ready for binding. Binding is my favorite part of the quilt so I can hardly wait to get started.