Saturday, March 31, 2012

Out of order UFO Challenge

Judy’s 2012 UFO Challenge pick for March was #8.  Hmmm, that one on my list would have been impossible to finish this month so instead I finished the quilt listed as #7 on my list.  I figure as long as I finish one project a month, I’m doing OK and meeting the challenge.  I’ve shown this quilt before, but now it is quilted, bound, and hanging in my hallway – a true finish.
Checkerboard houses 001
The pattern is from June 2008 issue of AllPeopleQuilt.Com and the designer is Avis Shirer of Joined At The Hip.  The pattern is called “Hometown Parade”.  I renamed my quilt “Checkerboard Houses”.
Checkerboard houses 002
In my possession is a Grandma Moses print of The Old Checkered House, a famous painting with a red and white checkerboard farm house.  I’ve always loved this print and have wanted to do checkerboard houses on a quilt for a long time. 
Grandma Moses print 001
I’m hoping Judy picks #4 for April.  Why?  Because I already have that one done!!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Diverse projects

Finished the bindings on my friend Moe’s little projects – a patriotic table runner and a cute little wall-hanging for her sewing room.

Moe, etc 003


I’m still working on a secret project, so I can only show bits and pieces until much later.

Moe, etc 001


And another project I cannot show – for my postcard exchange group -  is my April postcard idea.  I was looking through some of my buttons for embellishments.

Moe, etc 004


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Do you have a skill?  Are you an expert photographer or quilter or writer?  Are you good at knitting or gardening?  Or are you like me and struggle to feel adequate?   I enjoy knitting but it is a skill in which I barely feel adequate.  The patterns sometimes overwhelm me with repeats and I fear getting lost.  So my solution is to make a spreadsheet listing each and every row.  I check off each row as I go along and recount my stitches.  It is tedious, but prevents me from making those easy mistakes when I am not paying attention.

Shawl knitting 001

I’m working on a shawl in which there are increases every row and pattern changes fairly often to make an interesting texture.  I have learned some new stitches and patience.  I got to this point once before, but there were so many mistakes I tore it all out and started over again.  It is fun to knit though.  It is teaching me and helping me to have more confidence in my knitting skills.  If/When I complete this project, I promised myself that I would give socks another try. (How many times have I promised that?)

Here is a close-up of my work so far. 

Shawl knitting 002

Not much of the pattern shows in the picture.  My camera is not the best or I’m not a great photographer.  The yarn has a little sparkle which is also not caught by the camera. 

(Please note that I do have excellent EXCEL skills!)


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Back to sewing.

After being very sick for a week and recovering for another week, I was happy to feel like sewing today.

Xmaspresents 002

There was a whole lot of sewing done today, but I cannot show you what I am making.  It is a Christmas surprise for someone – someone who might look at my blog.

Xmaspresents 003

So I can only show some “teaser” pictures to prove that I have been sewing.  What a joy it was to give the sewing machine a good workout.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Feeling miserable…

with a terrible cough and a sore throat.  I’m taking medicine that just has not kicked in yet so the racking cough has me exhausted and feeling very sorry for myself.  Not feeling well enough to sew or knit, the day passes by slowly and I cannot find anything to perk me up.  Then my eye happened to glance over at the window sill in the kitchen and I saw two pops of red.  What?  Oh my goodness – my Christmas cactus has two flowers on it!!!!

Christmas Cactus 004

This restores my faith that I too will bloom again – and soon I hope.