Thursday, October 30, 2008


Blogging hasn't happened lately because of driving my BIL around while he waits for the suspension on his driver's license to be lifted, visiting my sister in the nursing home, and entertaining company. Out-of-town relatives have come to visit my sister and I have enjoyed having them stay here.

I also loved having my same-time-next-year friends here last week. Four women who have been coming every year for at least the past 30 years. We laugh and talk and share and shop and eat and laugh and talk. Sooooooo much fun!

They also treat me like a Queen and even gave me a crown this year - made out of pink foam and sporting curly ribbons. (I bet you are all jealous.)

One of the gals gave me this adorable wool wall-hanging of a startled looking cat with Mr. Redbird on his head. I decided to name the cat, King Cat. He does look rather regal. He is adorning the wall in my office and I can see him as I sit at my computer. My cousin made me this little tote bag. I love it! The stitching details, button, and fabrics are so well put together. She has such an artistic talent.
While the gals were here, we went to my favorite local quilt shop. Did I need fabric? NO. Did I buy fabric? YES. Is there any among us that can resist? The red and green fat quarters are because I wanted them, the Kaffee Fasset fabric is because it needed to be in my home, and the Christmas bundle is a table topper kit because ....uh.....because I might run out of projects before Christmas. (in 2072 maybe.) Ah, but it sure is fun to get new fabric.

I'm working on quilting the Christmas crazy nine-patch that I showed ages ago. I'm using one of the machine's fancy stitches to give it more of a crazy-patch style.

My cousin also gave me nine 2-1/2 strips of batiks to make a Sudoku puzzle quilt. I played with it today and it is going to be fun and colorful. I love batiks.

Although I am a little weary of driving and visiting at the nursing home, I really have been enjoying the scenery along the way - with the bright sunshine highlighting the yellow and red leaves. It is such a beautiful time of the year. My complaints fade away as I take in the beauty of nature.
Today I am grateful for -
1. Red and Yellow leaves of Fall
2. Batik fabrics
3. Mr. King Cat and his friend, Mr. Redbird
4. Family and loved ones

Monday, October 20, 2008


Today I wanted to print instructions from a blog. That was three hours ago and it lead to "playing" with my computer equipment. I moved my desktop computer to the basement and setup my laptop computer at my regular desk. The printers then did not work! I still don't know why, but I had them plugged into a docking station and couldn't get anything to work, so I disconnected the docking station and plugged everything into a USB hub.
Once I got the printers working, I went back to print the blog instructions and it printed 15 pages! It printed not only the instructions, but all the comments and all the side bar information. I didn't want all that stuff. So I investigated screen shot programs and ended up downloading a program called SnagIt.
Not only can I capture what I want from the screen, I can also edit and add stuff to my photos. I'm using a free trial program - 30 days free - and if I like it I will purchase it. Does anyone out there use a screen shot program and if so, which one, and how do you like it?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Early to Rise

The days when I wake up early are much more productive days for me. This morning I finished the border on this quilt. (Click to enlarge) Then I seamed the backing (same fabric as block centers but a different colorway) and the binding. Now it is ready to be shipped off for quilting - or if I feel ambitious I could do it myself.
All the fabric is from my stash.

Today I am grateful for -
1. Apples dipped in peanut butter
2. Waking up early
3. Plenty of fabric

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Done, Finished, Completed

The Road to Indy quilt that I have been working on for a loooooooonnnnnnng time is completely done and ready to send to my cousin. I put a striped flange along the binding edge for an extra bit of whimsy. The quilt got washed and ironed to make it nice and fresh.
Today I put out some Halloween decorations. This is a small quilt I made years ago.
A friend made this quilt that has some glow-in-the-dark fabric.
The same friend made this blonde witch for me since I am a natural blonde. (wink, wink)
This little counted cross-stitch piece is part of my 12 month series.
Life continues to be busy for me which makes me appreciate a day like today when I was home all day long, cleaning, doing laundry, and working on some crafts. It is truly amazing how much one can do in a day without any interruptions.
Today I am grateful for -
1. Halloween decorations
2. Clean sheets and PJs
3. Split pea soup
4. A good energetic mood.