Sunday, January 13, 2013

Something New

Now that my family, friends and some wonderful followers are familiar with this blog, I'm going to ask you to try out something new.

Let me know what you think............. (it is in early, early status.)

Updated 1/14/13
Well, I am definitely switching over to wordpress - so please find me at  Thank you.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

TA DA ! ! !

The pieces that I cut out on Thursday are now a quilt! 


The pattern is Hanky Panky (by Darlene Zimmerman & Rachel Shelburne).  It is small – crib size – 42 X 42.  The fabric is from a free kit I got years ago and never made the quilt.  This was an easy quilt and used 9 fat quarters, plus the background and small inner border. 

I also made the backing and binding so that some day when I decide to quilt it, I’m all ready.

HP binding

While the laundry finished up this afternoon, I took a break from cutting out another quilt and did some hand work on my hexagon project.

red hexagons

Finally, tonight, I spent an hour watching TV and doing a little more stitching on my Quaker piece.


It has been a good day for me.  What about you?


Friday, January 11, 2013

Fooling around on Friday

Today was errand day, so I raced around…….


to the Post Office, Office Depot, JoAnn’s, the cleaners, Walgreen’s, the bank, the grocery store, my niece’s office to pick up a quilt,  and the UPS store.

Then I stopped by my friend Liz’s house to show her some pictures and to see all the projects she has been working on lately.  We chatted and chatted and chatted.  I stayed much too long, but enjoyed my visit very much.

No sewing or stitching today Sleepy smile.  I’m going to bed early to read.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another “At Home” day…

This morning, right beside my breakfast table, was this beautiful flower on my Christmas cactus.  What a lovely way to start the day.


The puzzle fabric is the backing for my Riley Blake fabric quilt (Pieces of Hope).  It is all ready to send off to the long-arm quilter.

pieces backing

Then I got the binding and backing ready for the quilt that my niece and I are making together.

k. binding

With these things crossed off my list, it was time to choose another item from my long, long, long, UFO list.  Nothing appealed to me – except – starting a new project.  So I cut out the pieces I need for a pattern titled Hanky Panky.

hankypanky cuts

Tired of standing at the cutting table for several hours, I decided to have a simple supper.  In my cupboard was a package of Asia noodles.  The picture on the package looks pretty good.  It depicts a bowl overflowing with yummy looking noodles.  In reality, as you can see, the sad looking noodles only fill about a fourth of the bowl.   Taste?  Passable.  Will I buy this again?   No.

asia noodles

And here is my progress tonight on the stitched Quaker.

quaker 011013


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

There is always tomorrow…..

There were 20 items on my To Do list today and nine of them got crossed off.  That means that I will not make out a new list tomorrow, but just continue working on today’s list.

A good portion of the day was taken up with desk work – going through piles of mail, answering emails, writing notes, getting things ready for mailing, and making decisions.  Ugh.  Four more of those kinds of items are on my list for tomorrow.

I did take the time today to put the new border on my Riley Blake fabric quilt. (I need to come up with a name for this quilt.)  The dots were not to my liking, so I picked out a nice green that matches the fabric perfectly.

green border

And I am using the dot fabric as my binding.

polkadot binding

The binding has a lot of joins as the fabric was in a fat quarter grouping.  There were no long pieces.  The backing will get done tomorrow.


Tonight I relaxed again in my red chair and did some stitching.


I’m thoroughly enjoying stitching this piece, and using the overdyed thread.  I am not following the color suggestions and instead have chosen to do the entire piece in red and green.  It looks Christmasy and that is exactly what I want.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A little stitching…

Today, Tuesday, is my day to work at church.  It was a busy day with lots to do, so I was tired when I got home.  After a quick supper of soup, I relaxed in my comfy red chair and did a little stitching.



Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Dance time

Yes, I am doing a Happy Dance that the sweater is finally DONE.  I sewed it all together today and steam blocked it.  Two pictures follow – one of the sweater that is arranged well enough that you cannot see the many, many mistakes.  However, the color is not right.  So the other picture shows the color better.  Neither picture is the true color as it is more a deep royal blue.

sweater done

sweater true color

My niece came over tonight for supper and an evening of planning and discussing quilt projects.  What fun to share this quilting passion with her!