Saturday, January 12, 2013

TA DA ! ! !

The pieces that I cut out on Thursday are now a quilt! 


The pattern is Hanky Panky (by Darlene Zimmerman & Rachel Shelburne).  It is small – crib size – 42 X 42.  The fabric is from a free kit I got years ago and never made the quilt.  This was an easy quilt and used 9 fat quarters, plus the background and small inner border. 

I also made the backing and binding so that some day when I decide to quilt it, I’m all ready.

HP binding

While the laundry finished up this afternoon, I took a break from cutting out another quilt and did some hand work on my hexagon project.

red hexagons

Finally, tonight, I spent an hour watching TV and doing a little more stitching on my Quaker piece.


It has been a good day for me.  What about you?



MB said...

Ok, I'm really getting an inferiority complex. Every single day you don your "super" cape and create!! You are amazing!

Maureen and P.D. the Pet Dog said...

Bonnie! Amazing! Now that the holidays are over I can get back into the quilting world. I have one of your tops, I plan to give it to you at the next bee. Have a great weekend !

Becky said...

Love the Hanky Panky quilt. Seems like it was a quick project
I got the Comfort and Joy section 1 done!!!! Seems like it was a good day to sew

Penny said...

Love the quilt! I love plaids and checked fabric in quilts.

Christine Anderson said...

I need to find new ways to say, "You are amazing!" so I don't sound like a broken record. But you really are!

I'm really enjoying watching the cross stitch progress. Beautiful!

Our photos said...

Lovely Quaker pattern!