Friday, November 23, 2012


Rulers in the Ruler Stand, rulers in the basket, and rulers on the table. I counted my rulers today and discovered that I have 50 – FIFTY – rulers!
photo (19)
Recently purchased Nifty Notion rulers which I DID NOT NEED, but purchased anyway and I kinda like them.
photo (21)
A basket full of specialty rulers with instructions, which I seldom use but felt I just had to have them.
photo (20)
An Easy-Eight ruler package that is not even opened!!!!
photo (22)
And a “Magic Half Square Ruler” that I don’t remember purchasing.  Hmmm, it looks interesting.  I think maybe I will give it a try.
photo (23)
Why do quilters, like me and you, seem to need more fabric, rulers, books, ideas, cutters, sewing machines, mats, and thread?  When is enough enough?  I keep thinking that if I get that ruler, my work will be more accurate, or easier to do.  Now if the Magic Half Square Ruler actually made the half-square triangle and another cup of coffee, then it would truly be magic!
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Christine Anderson said...

Fifty is a lot of rulers!

Becky said...

You actually gave me one earlier this year.

MB said...

Oh heck, ancient Israel had more rulers than that! You have nothing to fear ... more rulers!!