Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cookie Walk Day at my church.

It is a sight to behold – thousands of cookies on Christmas trays.  Hundreds of people waiting for their number to be called so that they can enter the room with the thousands of cookies and make their selections.  Grandparents bring their grandchildren.  People wait for an hour and a half, sipping coffee and talking, waiting to get a box – or up to five boxes – and a plastic glove so that they can make the decision whether to take two of those red velvet cookies or save room for the famous cranberry/chocolate chip cookies made by Jayne.
photo (63)
I took the last place in line as the trays got sparse, but still managed to get a nice selection of yummy cookies.  All the ladies worked very hard, refilling trays, guiding guests, handing out tickets, taking money, closing up the boxes and putting them in bags.  Wherever you looked, there was a job to be done – and someone stepped in and did that job.  Even our dear Lillian (93 years young) came with her blinking Christmas tree light necklace and her fancy Christmas apron, ready to lend a hand.
Needless to say, I was quite tired when I got home.  I sat in my comfy living room chair to read and promptly fell asleep. 
After a light supper I did not feel very ambitious, so I watched a few episodes of Downton Abbey.  What a great show!  I am hooked.  Fortunately, a dear friend loaned me the two seasons of Downton Abbey on DVD and I can get caught up before the new season begins in January.
photo (62)
The clothes are wonderful, the scenery is beautiful,  and the acting superb.  Is anyone else as hypnotized by Cousin Matthews blue eyes?

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Christine Anderson said...

Yum! Those look wonderful! How many dozens of cookies were baked this year?

I'm a Downton Abbey devotee too :) So glad you were able to enjoy a relaxing evening.

MB said...

I am so ready for the families of Downton to return in January!